Introducing RE Cooling Technology

Providing Cooling Technology & Increased Performance for the Athlete, Worker & Warfighter.


Designed to cool and provide comfort with continuously circulating cool water or a squeezable bottle option


Successfully proven to increase comfort and athletic performance via an IRB-Approved study with the Korey Stringer Institute at the University of Connecticut


Significantly reduces skin temperature prior-to, during or post physical exertion


Easily portable and can be worn seamlessly with shoulder pads, helmets, and laborer’s workwear

The Solution for the New, Nationwide Cooling Mandate

RE Cooling Tech is the proactive solution for heat related injuries. As athletes prepare to practice and compete in the heat, RE CoolingTech, as validated by University of Connecticut’s Korey Stringer Institute, is a proven technology to cool athletes pre, during, or post physical exertion while also increasing athletic performance to provide a competitive edge.  RE CoolingTech has gained positive user feedback from professional athletes, NCAA Division 1 athletes, high school athletes, warfighters, and oil rig workers resulting in hundreds of pre-orders.