RE  Cooling Technology proves significant cooling at all time points versus passive and towel.

RE CoolingTech is the proactive solution for heat related injuries

As athletes prepare to practice and compete in the heat, RE CoolingTech, as validated by University of Connecticut’s Korey Stringer Institute, is a proven technology to cool athletes pre, during, or post physical exertion while also increasing athletic performance to provide a competitive edge.  RE CoolingTech has gained positive user feedback from professional athletes, NCAA Division 1 athletes, high school athletes, warfighters, and oil rig workers.

What we Do

Provide Advanced Cooling Technology for Athletes, Workers & Warfighters

The use of cooling techniques prior to, during or after exercise may attenuate the rise in Tc and may enhance exercise performance.


Reduce Stress on Thermoregulatory System by Increasing Heat Storay Capacity


Reduces Hyperthermia-induced Fatigue


Reduces Stress on Metabolic and Cardiovascular System

IRB Study at the Korey Stringer Institute

Study Methods

  • 12 male subjects completed 1 baseline visit and 3 cooling intervention trials in this study. Baseline VO2 max tests were conducted to ensure subjects met the fitness requirements for the study. Once baseline tests were complete, subjects were then randomly assigned to the following groups: 1) Neck cooling collar [Collar]; 2) Ice towel [Towel]; 3) Passive rest [no cooling intervention]
  • The environmental chamber, all subjects underwent an intermittent treadmill protocol. This involved 90 minutes of intensity ranging from standing, walking and running (between Omph-15mph) in the heat. The treadmill speed was individualized based on the participant’s VO2max information. Following a 10-minute period of environment equilibration while seated inside
  • The participants in this study suffered neither adverse effect nor harm from use of this device.



Improved Athletic Performance

  • The RE Cooling Collar decreased reaction time and increased power output of participants during the Performance Battery phase of the study:
        • Reaction Time/Agility: Participants stood on the Quickboard with 5 dots. An ipad screen lit up a circle that corresponded to one of the dots on the board and the participant then tapped his foot on the corresponding circle as fast as possible until the test was over (ES=0.616). Collar was then compared to passive state.
        • Power Output / Broad Jump: Participants were instructed to jump as far as they could from the takeoff point (ES=0.129). Collar was then compared to passive state.
        • Aerobic Capacity: Participants were instructed to run as much distance as they could during a self-paced 15-minute time trial.

Results of the Korey Stringer Institute Study


Significantly reduces neck skin temperature during exercise


Significantly reduces neck skin temperature during recovery from exercise


Cooling of 10 minutes or longer with the RE cooling Collar significantly reduces neck skin temperature during recovery from exercise compared to ice towels


Over 80% of participants felt cooler when using the RE Cooling Collar


Over 80% of participants felt refreshed and ready to RE-enter competition when using the RE Cooling Collar